February Addictions

february addictions

The love month has finally ended, and it already feels like spring. So for this month, my favorites vary from many things.

internet addictions

What I’ve watched: Dream High, Answer Me 1997, and Pinocchio
(I’ve finished all these. That’s kind of scary considering episodes are an hour long and each drama has 20 episodes.)

I am currently watching: Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Anime (Hulu)
Watched/Currently watching: Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, and Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.

food addictions


Everything green tea. Even green tea itself.

Lay’s potato chips(Classic)

Fruity Icecream.

Sweet things.

My range of this month’s food addictions is very vague.

other addictions

Post its. I like to be very organized, so post it notes are everywhere.

Books: The Selection, The Elite, and The One
Currently reading: Matched and The Maze Runner

Laying down and doing nothing.


What type of T.V. shows do you like to watch? What are some of your favorite shows?


Picture from – Tumblr (Click on picture for link)

This was short and sweet. I hope you guys enjoyed this.



DIY: Cat Ears

This is going to be a little different, but I wanted to try something new. So today I decided to make cat ears. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of myself with the cat ears. It is kind of dark and late where I am.

So, I there are two ways to make this DIY. The first version is the way I should have made the ears. The second version is the way I actually did it.

Version 1 (All pictures are in version 2)

Materials needed:
  • black paint
  • bobby pins or a headband
  • paint brush
  • regular paper (Thick paper preferably)
  • scissors
optional materials:
  • hot glue
  • template (You can create you’re own template.)


1. Hand draw your cat ears or use your template, and draw that on your plain paper. (Make sure you have a dotted line at the bottom of your ears, to be able to fold it)
2. Cut out your ears

3. Next, paint your ears black on both sides. NOTE: Make sure you have paper under your ears, so you don’t get black paint on unneeded place. Also, make sure each side is dry before you paint the next side.)

4. Fold on the dotted line and hot glue onto your headband.



4. Fold on the dotted and insert in between bobby pin. Don’t worry there are pictures below if you didn’t get it.


5. Become a cat. Meow.

Version 2

Needed items:
  • Paper
  • Paint brush
  • Black paint
  • bobby pins
  • scissors

1. I first painted my paper black first [Highly don’t recommend this]. Oh, and I only painted one side.


2.  I free handed a ear and cut it out to create a template.


3. I used this template to trace two ears over the painted black paper and the cut out the kitty ears.


4. I folded on the dotted line a inserted that in between the bobby pins.


5. Then, I became a cat, and tried to take picture but I cracked my phone…

 Daily question

What is your favorite junk food?


Picture from: fanpop.com

Thanks for reading I hope you guys enjoyed this.

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The Selection- Review

The Selection

Kiera Cass

Rating: 5 stars
I think…

No spoilers

Summary of thoughts

To summarize this book in one word I would say: Oh my gosh, this is good. Okay, that wasn’t one word, but that is how I would describe it in little words as possible. I loved this book. I don’t necessarily remember exactly what happened in this ONE book , because I’m already on the third book. But, it was really good. Once I started I couldn’t stop. If you are debating to buy this book, buy the whole series because you will want to keep reading.

Who is this book meant for

This is mostly for romantics, people who love reading about the future, and I guess dystopian readers.


What i loved

America’s sass.
Whenever she said something sassy I thought, “You go girl.”

How persistent Maxon was
He wouldn’t give up on America. No matter what she said. He wasn’t persistent in a possessive way. It was cute.

How addicting it was.
I wasn’t able to stop.

What wasn’t the best

She got kind of bitchy and annoying. At the beginning she seemed all nice, now it is like stop…

How America didn’t respect Maxon as a prince
She was rude when she talked to Maxon. She was even rude to him in the beginning.

Asshole. That’s it.

Those why moments

When Celeste ripped America’s dress.
Like why the hell did she do that

Why did she start “commanding” her maids?

Why is Aspen back?

OVerall review

I love this series and book. There are many things that I got annoyed by. Cough cough, America. But, that also drove me to keep reading. Also, the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic.

daily question

What is your favorite app?


Comment if you know where this is from. Picture from: http://mebelladoll.blogspot.com/2013/03/cats.html

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Single On Valentines day?

Are you single or dateless this Valentines day? Well me too. Come join the club. If you’re not single or dateless, leave. Just kidding. Stay here and just read this anyways.

What to do on valentines when single

want to Go out?

Go out and have some fun.

Go out and have some fun with your friends who are single or dateless this year too. Maybe they could be your date.

Go party. That’s it, it is self explanatory.

Go third wheeling.

Stalk. Go stalk your crush or a cute guy. I highly don’t recommend this. Maybe you were third wheeling and you see him. Then, you pretend to spill your drink all over him. Yeah, don’t do that.

Or stay at home

Cry. Cry your heart out. Cry until you can’t cry any longer.

Watch a whole bunch of Netflix. If you need some of ideas of what to watch click here.

Eat as much junk food as possible. It doesn’t matter, eat all your worries away.

Watch Korean dramas and get addicted! If you want to know any good Korean dramas just contact me. Or if you want a post just comment or contact me too. Korean dramas are better than all American movies and all movies on Netflix, trust me.

Take the longest shower and sing as loud as you can. Well I don’t suggest taking a long shower, it wastes a lot of water especially if you’re in a drought. Maybe you can just run around and sing, then take a quick shower.

Snuggle with a blanket. You can bring your laptop and some food. The option is open.

Get into some comfy clothes too. It’s no fun trying to look all nice.

One day shouldn’t make you feel down that you’re single. You should embrace being single. This one day out of the whole year shouldn’t make you feel down and cry. Anyways, Valentines day is pretty pointless. Why do people become more romantic or tell the person you like that you like them. You should be able to do that everyday and any day.

daily question

Would you rather be a unicorn or narwhal?


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I got a twitter!

Overused Phrases

Overused phrases

There are many overused phrases, especially by me. Most of these phrases are used by teens because well I am one. These are just the main phrases I hear or say at least once a day.

Phrases used by the world:


For example if someone says, “I’m hungry,” instead of saying “Me too.” People say, “Same.” Same what?

Can you not!

What happened to being polite.

I’m bent

What does that even mean.

WHat are you doing?

People ask me this all the time when I start talking to my phone while I’m watching Kdramas.


What. Why would you call your loved one Bae. Just no.

Phrases used by me

What the hell?

This is my most used phrase this month. I don’t know why. It just comes out a lot.

No! Stop!

I mostly say this when I’m watching a Korean drama and the characters are doing something embarrassing or falling for the wrong guy.

I’m so weird

Whenever I’m home alone, I usually do some weird dance, and then say “I’m so weird.” After that I would keep doing that weird dance.


This usually refers to when I fall or trip, which happens often. Yeah… I’m pretty clumsy.

You should watch kdramas

All the time I try to get someone into kdramas. Usually it never works, but recently I got two people to watch kdramas. Such an accomplishment.

Daily Question?

What is your favorite thing to order at McDonald’s?


This is a new little segment. It is basically like the daily question. It is called cheese because I will feature a picture and I want the picture to make you smile. When you take a picture you say “Cheese.” Do you get it.

Say Cheese

Picture from kawaiikitchen.com

Questions or comments

What are phrases that you overuse or others overuse? Any post ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it. I took more time to prepare this post.

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January Addictions

January Addictions

January is coming to an end. It feels like it has been forever since New Years day. Well I’m back and back with the my addiction series.

Internet related ADDICTIONS


Actually before I got into blogging again, I wasn’t really watching Dramafever or any other Asian dramas. Sad I know, but I got back into it for all of you. Oh and you have never watched a Korean drama, sign up right now and go watch one. (I suggest Boys Over Flowers)

If any of you guys would like, I can do a post of what dramas to watch in what order. Some you need more drama experience and less for others.

THis month’s drama: MISCHIEVOUS kiss

Surprisingly there is a SECOND SEASON. I absolutly am addicted to this show, even though season 2 is updating SUPER slow. You need to watch this. I suggest watching this if you have already watched 3 or 4 dramas. Also, this is a Japanese drama. I like Japanese dramas better because I can say their names more often. Even in the Japanese accent.


If you don’t know what Rdio is, it is a music site/app. I think that the website is better. Basically it is another spotify. I don’t know why I like this one better, but I remember using it when I had an old computer and Spotify needed to have something downloaded.

This month’s song: sensi boy- HIrie


Yes I got a new twitter. If you didn’t notice I deleted my old twitter. However, for now I would like to keep my twitter for more personal uses. Maybe in the future, I will release it to the world.

Personally, I love using twitter for when I am watching my dramas. So if there is something I want to say to the world, I can. Through twitter.

Favorite account this month: @awkwardposts
favorite tweet I tweeted this month:

I need an irie in my life


Those cute boys you’ll never see again

Sorry I couldn’t decide.


If you don’t know what this is, it is a math problem solver, thing. You type in your problem, any math problem, and it solves it for you. However, if a teacher asks you to shows your work, you can’t see the steps without signing up. But, this is super helpful for things the calculator can not do.


Every month I seem to crave something different. This month I was obsessed with:

  • Korean food.
    • All of it. Every single type of dish.
  • Bread sticks.
    • The kind you get at Little Caesar’s
  • Sushi.
  • Cupcakes

Other things

Biting my nails

Lately when I am thinking about something I start to bite my nails. I know bad habit and I’m slowly trying to get out of it.


Earlier in the month I got into books, but after I got back into blogging and Korean dramas. This month if you don’t know, I’ve read Perks of Being a Wallflower and Legend.

Organizing things or cleaning things

I don’t know, it is like I’ve gone super clean freak. Like, how a few days ago I cleaned my bathroom and cleaned my kitchen, right after school. I even plan on cleaning out my closet tomorrow.

Mini update

At the moment that is all I can think of right now. I promise next month’s posts will be even better. I plan on getting a blogging binder, so I never have to worry about what to post or like now when I can’t think of anything else because I’m writing this off the top of my head. I promise next month will be even better.

Daily question

What was your addiction this month?





Perks Of Being A Wallflower- Review

Perks Of Being a Wallflower

 By Stephen Chbosky

Rating: 5 stars

I think…
No SPoilers

Summary of  Thoughts

To describe this book in one word, I would say it is teeny. It is the definition of like teen. I loved this book, and you should read it. It i also really weird how my mother keeps asking for me if she can read this book. If you don’t know already this book can be really descriptive about sexual parts and has quite a few of them. But, you should read this book. It has become on of my favorite books.

Who the Book is Meant For

Teens. Teens. Teens. Every teen should read this book.


What I Loved


How Charlie grew up and found out so much about him.

I loved how it covers important issues. Many people may have/will experience these things over the years.

How it was in letter form. It was casual and it felt like he was telling me the story face-to-face.

How Charlie could fight.

                                                                I could not put this book down.                                                                         (Even though I forgot what mostly happened in the book. I have a horrible memory.)

What Wasn’t the Best

I though Charlie was overly emotional.

In the end why was Charlie sick and have to go to the hospital. I might have missed it, but if anyone knows please tell me.

I never found out who he wrote to. It still bothers me.

Those WHY? Moments

Why didn’t he ever end up with Sam?

Why did the book just end. I want to know what happens in 10 years?!

Why doesn’t he just speak up once in a while?

Why did you have to kiss Sam when you were dating Mary Elizabeth? It is okay if you lied. That is just not right to kiss Sam when you are dating someone.

Why did Patrick never end up with Brad again?

Overall Review

It was so beautiful. Oh. I also plan on reading all the books that Bill assigned Charlie to read. It is kind of sad how I didn’t get a cliche ending where Charlie and Sam ended up together. Secretly I want Charlie and Patrick together. Even though Sam and Patrick weren’t the best influences they helped Charlie live. It seemed realistic especially without the cliche ending… This book really inspired me to really live my life.


What is your all time favorite book?

Comments or Questions

What are your thoughts? Do you plan on reading this book? Have you read this book? What did you love or not love? Any other books I should read?

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10 Facts About Me

Hello My beautifuls

Today I’ve decided to do a tag kind of thing. Even though no one tagged me. It is a mix between the 50 question tag and many other question tags. This is just to get to know me a little better. There are very random questions in here. Also, soon I will do a favorites tag.

10 Facts about me


Currently I own two turtles. I suggest not buying turtles. I love mine to death. But, they don’t do anything except for poop. [Which is a dread to clean]

Three Things that are physically close to you

1. My Kindle   2.  A jar full of blog ideas  3. My computer [That is also close to my heart]

Last person you texted:

Last person I texted was my friend and it said: In wat

Hamburger or cheeseburger?

Hamburgers are the BEST.


I don’t even know if that is a question. I love sports but I can’t play sports. I am just a super fan. I literally know everything from stats to history about my favorite teams. Literally.

Top things on my BUCKET LIST

As some of you may know I have an achievable bucket list and a regular bucket list

Achievable bucket list:

#1: Dance in the rain

real bucket list:

 Marry someone I love and have a stable life.


Personally, I don’t have hobbies I have phases. Like how a few weeks back I used to be into handlettering. Before that I was into  reading. Now I’m into Dramafever. [Does that count as a hobby? ]

Describe yourself in as little words as possible

Awkward, annoying, quiet, weird, and a bitch.

currently reading?

The selection. It is pretty good so far. I still haven’t gotten that far, but it reminds me of the bachelor. I promise to link the I think… soon.


I can not sing. AT ALL. When I was little I used to think I could sing good, but I really can’t. However, I sing all the time, especially in the shower. It can get very quiet in there, okay.


I am back! And yes I got a new theme. I am trying to fix things on my site, so if I don’t post as much as I did before I’m sorry. But, I’m trying to make my site look better and fit more with me. I hope you guys like the header because it took FOREVER.

I have finished “Champion”. The I think… for this book has been finished and updated.

“CHAMPION” I think…
“Champion” Review

I have also finished “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. I will post the I think… and review next week.

“Perks of being a wallflower” I think…

Currently I am reading The Selection. Soon I will link the I think… to the I think… page. So just hold in there.

Also I am still single.

Daily question

I’ve decided to daily questions for all my posts.

What font should I use for the body of my posts?


heading 4,

heading 5.

Comments or questions

Do you want me to do any other “tags”? What else should I post about? What are your answers to these questions? Any other questions or comments, THANK YOU!


Good Reads





By Marie Lu

Rating: 4 Stars

I think…

Summary of Thoughts [No Spoilers]

I enjoyed this story for the most part. It was very cute in my opinion. The ending kind of left me hanging I wanted to know more. I’ve read many comments on Goodreads and everyone seemed really into the series. Personally I’m not a dystopian reader, but this series was pretty good. It always left on a cliffhanger making you want to read the next.

Who The Book is Meant For

Anyone who likes dystopian, action, and a little bit of romance.


What I loved

Day and June got reunited! It was so adorable how they got to see each other, even though it was for a crappy reason. I loved how their love for each other didn’t die down from the time they were apart.

Day. When he said those lines to June. Oh, I swooned. It was so sweet. I need a Day in my life

What Wasn’t The Best

Personally this book didn’t draw me in to keep reading until I couldn’t anymore. It was just ‘ oh I don’t have anything better to do, I’ll read’ kind of thing. But that is just me.

Also, I still have a hard time reading June’s part with the time. I still don’t get it.

Those WHY? Moments

Why did she have to be with Anden for like three years. Even though they didn’t end up together, June should know that she couldn’t love him when he tried to pull moves on her before. June that was a stupid move that wasted three years of your life.

Why was she the missing piece for the plague cure. Doesn’t that mean that she would be sick if the Colonies injected her with it. Everything made sense when they author wrote this. The Colonies just wanted an excuse to rule the “United States”.

Why did Day forget about June. Like dude you LOVE her and you ruined. Now you have to start all over and it may never be the same between you guys. Why couldn’t he have forgotten about somebody else.

Overall Review

I think everyone should read this book no matter what. It was absolutely adorable. Especially the ending, even though I thought it could have had more to it then Day and June “just meeting”. It had a lot of those WHAT, WHY, and OH MY GOSH moments, which I love.

Comments or Questions

What are your thoughts? Have you read this book? Did you love it? Do you hate what I said about the book? Would you like me to do a review on Legend or Prodigy?  Any other books I should read?

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Good Reads



Look Who’s Back

Hello my beautiful people,

I know it has been forever. I am so thankful for all the people who have followed me even though I have not posted in forever. This year I plan to get back on top of this. New year new things.

I have so many things I want to do. So many plans. Oh I can’t wait.

Just to let you know I have no posting schedule anymore. I will post whenever I am able to.

A little update on my life. If you remember the year round photography challenge. Yeah about that I only got to like day 5 so yeah…

Also school has made me super busy, but I promise I’ll get into k-dramas, reading, and all that stuff again just for you. It’s kind of overwhelming when I think of all the series and things I need to continue.

So I decided to make a jar and whatever I pick I will write about. Yay!

Oh, and please go to the ABOUT ME tab and to the drop-down menu, then click on BE AMAZING. Please please please sign up for my newsletters.

Okay that’s it.

I’m just a read away. Type to you later my lovelies.